How to Spot Rogue Locksmiths Before They Get to Your Home

Have you ever come back home only to find that a few things whose placement in the house you are absolutely sure of have been moved around a bit, the curtains have been drawn and the kitchen knife isn’t in its usual place on the counter?


If the answer to this question is a ‘yes’ then you might want to keep a close eye out for rogue locksmiths in your neighborhood. A locksmith is a person who makes, breaks, fixes, changes and basically performs any activity related to locks.


Some locksmiths work on their own independently and not as part of any company and some locksmiths are registered with certain agencies and companies. However, for safety and security reasons, it is always advisable to choose a locksmith who is registered with an agency.


Here are a few easy and simple ways to spot rogue locksmiths before they can get into your home –


  1. Check the registered license of the locksmith before hiring him or letting him into your house – there are lots of people out there posing to be locksmiths from different agencies and try to contact you through your Facebook or twitter accounts but make sure to block them immediately.


  1. It’s easy to get fake licenses and Id’s made but you can always call up the company and enquire about the particular locksmith and whether the company has actually sent him or not to check if he is genuine or a rogue.


  1. Check the invoices and the company letterhead – after the locksmith has finished the job make sure to scrutinize the invoice and whether it has been printed on the letterhead of the company with all the company details including website, email, phone number, address, etc.


  1. Make sure to perform a thorough background check on google on the company before letting any locksmith into your house. Anything that seems out of place or fishy with regard to the documentation carried by the locksmith is your window telling you that he might be a rogue locksmith.


  1. Interrogate the locksmith – don’t be shy to ask your locksmith as many questions as possible about his years of experience as a locksmith, his background, the company he currently works for etc. You can easily tell if the locksmith has rehearsed his answers or if he is really being genuine about who he is.


  1. Also, a rogue locksmith would ask you details about the house that aren’t pertaining to the work he has to do which a real locksmith wouldn’t usually do.
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